Creating a gender sensitive capacity building platform for clinical research in West Africa.

We are committed to delivering a gender-sensitive academic programme for PhD and MSc training, aimed at promoting capacity development in clinical research in endemic and emerging infectious diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa, with women’s inclusion as a core value.

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Benefits of the Fellowship

Through their participation in the TALENT Fellowship, fellows will receive world class PhD or MSc training including:
* Acquiring skills to undertake hypothesis-driven scientific and translational investigations, supported by advanced core technical platforms within WANETAM.
* Being scientifically equipped to proffer innovative solutions against current and future global health issues.
* Being equipped with technical skills and capacity to compete and position themselves in global clinical research communities and platforms.
* Interacting with leading experts in various clinical research and cross-cutting themes and academic concentrations.
* Being prepared to participate in clinical research efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and substantially contribute towards the elimination of poverty-related diseases in the sub-region.

The TALENT Fellowship is an initiative of the West African Network for Tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria (WANETAM)


Member Institutions


Programme Steering Committee Members


TALENT Fellows

TALENT fellows have a supervisory team comprising a primary supervisor based in their local institution, a co-supervisor from another partner institution and one or two advisors with specific skills relevant to the candidate’s research area.

How to find us

MRC Unit The Gambia at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Fajara - The Gambia(220) 449 5835enquires@thetalentfellowship.org

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday08:15 - 16:15
Friday08:15 - 12:30